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Wat je moet weten;


Soms klinkt een verhaal in de engelse taal simpelweg mooier!


A translation in dutch is not available! I am not sorry, very sorry ...


Have you ever heard;

"2nd place is the first loser!"

Well, let me tell you a story about a loser.

This young man wanted to do a bodybuilding show.

While he's been an athlete and training his whole life, he just recently decided to test himself on stage.

After that decision had been made, he went to work.

Training like he's never trained before, dialing in his nutrition to the nearest gram, and focusing all of his efforts - day-in-and-day-out - to be the best. When others were munching on cookies, he was eating chicken and rice. When others were doing a set in the gym and then talking on their cell phones, he was moving from exercise to exercise with ferocity. When others were going out on Friday night and  drinking, he was staying in and resting (and studying for his personal training certification)

The big day came and after all of the nerves, posing, and judging - he took home 2nd place.

This is where the story gets interesting.

This young man put his head down and become miserable.

He was angry.

He had put in the work and didn't win.

It had to be the judges. They played favorites.

Or, the other competitors - they had an unfair advantage of doing more shows then him or they had coaches to help them prepare;


He had done everything on his own!

He was defeated.

Here comes the good coach!

What do you think I told this young man?

You guessed it.

It went something like this.

Oh, you took 2nd and you're a loser?

Did you give your very best? Yes? Ok!

Well, let me tell you something.

Did Jordan win a championship the first year in the league? Did Steve Jobs create the iPhone the first day in the lab?

How we act in defeat defines our character.

We all know who was 2nd!


And, remember this;

It is NOT about that 1st place trophy, it is about the journey.

Remember, the blood, sweat, and tears along the way to the stage?

THAT has changed you.

THAT has made you different.

THAT has made you stronger.

Stop blaming others and talking about why you lost and that it is unfair.

Get back in the gym and do the work.

When you hit obstacles in life, you can either stop or smash right through them to the next one.

Keep moving forward and learn, absorb, be grateful, feel, and give your best for EVERY second along the way.

Pick your head up and look around you.


There are people who came to support you and are looking to you to teach them how a champion acts.

A champion of life.

That's all folks, now get back to work!